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Having trouble getting my ph in optimal range

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I have one tank that I stock various TBs and CRS in that has fluval Shrimp stratum in it to maintain a stable ph of about 6, but the tank I set up a few weeks ago (cycled, yet no shrimp in it yet) has only sand in it as the substrate, and the ph is close to 7.5. Water is a mix of RO (remineralized) and dechlorinated tap water. Are there any products I can buy that can bring my ph to a 6-6.5 without replacing the substrate with one that buffers the ph automatically (it's an aquascaped tank, no CO2, and I don't want to deconstruct the whole tank and add new substrate.) 

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You could try adding peat pellets to the filter.  It may discolor your water a bit, but will help buffer the PH down.

Drift wood will do the same, im not sure if it will get it down to 6 though.   Depends on your KH i suppose.



You could also check the sponsors page for tannin aquatics, theyve got all kinds of organic thingies that can help with PH.

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Peat will lower the ph, and lower the kh. When your kh is alredy 0 peat can cause big ph drops so you need to be careful with the dosing. Another option is CO2 injection, however it's usually not recomnded for caridina shrimp.

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