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Breeding Amanos?

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Anyone done this?

If I understand what I'm seeing on the web I should have a brackish tank ready to go and then collect the larvae with a flashlight when they hatch? I do not dump the berried female in the brackish, right?

Then in 30 to 60 days the larvae will turn into shrimp and at that point I have ~24 hours to get them back into fresh water before they die?

Will my fresh water diatoms work in brackish as food?

If an amano gets berried that means the eggs are fertilized or not?

Can I throw algae coated fresh water plants in the brackish as food for the larvae?

Will the larvae eat yeast?


Basically I have a berried shrimp I never expected to see berried.

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yep amanos seem to get berried very quickly hence the intrigue and frustration as they are not easy to breed compared to most other shrimp in the hobby. Folks that have succeeded have needed to adopt a trial and error approach and then try again.


I regularly check out my many large females in full berry and tempted to try, but then common sense and time prevails ! 

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