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Shrimplet Growth Rates

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I had my first neocaridina shrimplets a month ago, and since then I've been monitoring them closely.  At the time, I'd looked everywhere to try to get information on,  a] the size of shrimplets at birth and, b] how quickly they grow.  I couldn't find anything more accurate than "really small" and "quite quickly".  Well, I now know so I thought that I'd document it in case anybody else is interested.


At birth, they are 1mm-2mm

After one week, they are 2-3mm

After two weeks, they are 3-4mm

After three weeks, they are 4-5mm

After four weeks, they are 5-6mm


So, I feel reasonably confident in saying that they grow (roughly) 1mm a week - at least for the first month.

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Anecdotally with my latest batch of RCS that seems about right. Will prob depend on food type and availability as well. More protein will produce faster growth.

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That's probably correct regarding their nutrition.  For what it's worth, I don't (currently) feed my shrimp.  There's enough algae in the tank for them.  Once I get to the point where I don't have to clean the tank every week, then I might start giving them some food.

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I had batches of CRS, Mischlings, and Blue bolt x BKK shrimplets all hatch the same day.

The mischlings and the CRS are a little over 1/8" , the TBs are still ridiculously tiny...  probably half the size of the other 2 tanks.


They've all been fed amaranth leaves and CFS baby, and the TB tank is a more mature tank than the Mischlings, so should have far more biofilm.



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