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Need help finding something for DIY project (in uk)


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Hi ? 

Since atm I am having trouble with them dropping eggs and my tumbler is being annoying..

well i did what we all do I you tubed it. And I found one design that I liked for good looking/functioning tumblers..


Now lies the living in the uk problem.. Getting the part..

pin the video it did give a link to a us site.. But arm I am having trouble finding the parts on uk stores (preferably PayPal friendly)


The part I am looking for is a bullseye connector.. 

Its the part that you connect your air tube into on a round sponge filter..

Before you say anything I will be getting some sponge filters to dismantle if I cannot find the part.. But don't wanna throw away 2 perfectly good sponge filters once I have removed one piece ?


Let let me know if you have found any of these on a uk site..



Just thought i would would add link to us site


its part HS-B you will prob recognise it..





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Thx.. But the whole point was finding them here..lol

anyway assume that isn't gonna happen.. In the end borrowed a sponge filter off my sis and edited Using other bits I had already


It is looking ok.. Although I do have a question..

what do you usually test your home Made tumblers with.. All I saw online were peas...and that's not exactly a good test for shrimp eggs...



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