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Help, rillis losing colour

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Hey guys I've got a 4ft with dividers in it, which I have pumpkins, fire reds, black rillis and red rillis in.

All shrimp share the same water but my red rillis and black rillis are losing their colour, please help[emoji120]

With the rrs the colour is turning a funny brownish colour and same with the brs.

I'm using normal aquarium grade gravel, heaters and sponge filters

Any suggestions will be much appreciated[emoji1360]


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Well, the first thing to do is check all your water parameters to see if they are being stressed. Whip out the test kits and check the levels of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph, GH and KH. What is the TDS in the tank? Tap water or remineralized RO?  Also what is the tank temperature? Are they too warm? How long was the tank cycled? Have you done something new with the tanks? Could they have been contaminated with something? Are the dividers all solid, because it looks as if one section does not have a sponge. How long have you had the shrimp? I personally like them to have a bit more cover/plants than what you have in your picture, but I am a planted tank fan and that is just my preference. 

Lots of things to check, but those are the basics to check when things star going funny with your shrimp.

Good luck,


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