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Good.... And bad news..lol

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Hey ? Is me again..

just thought I would put an update really..

sorry to say I lost big red ?

I have added a new decoration a tree thing to grow my moss on instead of the big "lump" I had in the corner.

it was a bit too compressed I think for their liking but hopefully the new one will suit them better, but it does mean I have to wait for it to grow properly again (I still have more in there don't worry).

And my infestation of fleas lives on.. Annoying and unsightly but not dangerous so am not too fussed.

Oh the mk3 tumbler seemed to be abit too much constant flow for shrimp eggs.. Constant suction didn't work too well.. But should be fine for heavier eggs (and may try without airstone so flow is less constant)

i think that's about it for the bad news..


always good to finish with the better news... After about 18 days (seems low) my eggs from big red hatched... Well the ones that survived.. So hopefully I will get big reds offspring to live on. I will say I think about 13+ left the tube (could be afew more) but since I let them go have managed to find like 3 ? They are tiny little specs. 

Thought I would play where's Waldo with you all..

see if you can find the shrimps in the following pics 










let me know if you can see the little guys and where you think they are..lol


fingers crossed that they survive to adult they are all I have left of big red.



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