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Not sure if I should be worried or not


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I have been holding shrimp for about 5 months now, I started with two red cherry three black crystal three red crystal and two blue bolts. About a month ago the population has started booming from my blue bolts and my red and black crystals. The breeding from those two species have been phenomenal I have never seen a dead one and the numbers of them only keep growing, however something else seems to be growing in population. I have these strange larvae things on the bottom of my tank that started appearing a little bit before my baby shrimp did, I see them fighting with eachother all the time but they seem to be leaving my shrimp alone plus they stopped growing a while ago and have been surpassed in size by my first wave of baby shrimp awhile ago. At first I didn't mind them but as I'm seeing more of them I can't help but be a little nervous as this tank is my favorite of the three, not to mention aside from the larvae type creatures some very small worm looking creatures are starting to appear. It has basic filtration and it's a 5 gallon marineland. My question is, should I be worried. Please and thank you. 



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They are scuds, IMO unpleasant to see. Most of time, they come from plants and mosses that you purchased and will multiply rapidly if you get rid right away.

Best way to get rid of them is to bleach your tank and start over again...



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