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Supplements for 5 shrimps

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I don't use cuttlebone at all. When you initially prep your tank with products like Mosura BT-9, Old Sea Mud or Mironekuton this will give you the proper minerals and trace elements you need for your shrimps. A good remineralizer, high quality food and a product like CSF pure minerals http://www.theshrimptank.com/foods/csf-pure-mineral/ is what I use.


After writing all is I noticed you keep Opae Ula so never mind about my initial comments unless your are keeping shrimps like neocaridina or caridina shrimp.  If you use a good salt for marine fish like Instant Ocean and have some coral pieces you dont need add any cuttlebone. The salt and coral will have the calcium your Opae's need.

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