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My bamboo shrimp died after a molt and I don't know why


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Hate that this is the first topic I have to post but I haven't been able to find any answers.


I got a Bamboo shrimp (atyopsis moluccensis) about 4 months ago and things seemed to be going pretty well. It molted the first time a couple months ago without and problems, and spent all day sifting food from the current. The only times I saw it picking at the substrate were when I scared it off it's perch while doing water changes/cleaning which seemed like normal behavior.


It molted last night so I didn't see the process but obviously something didn't go well because When I saw it this morning it was alive but its carapace was deformed with, for lack of a better term, large bubbles or cysts on each side lifting it away and leaving the gills exposed. The poor thing lived for a few hours after that but eventually died while i was busy trying to find any information on this. I'd noticed the ph creeping up a bit this week (think it was about 7.4 or 7.5 at the highest) so I put some seachem neutral regulator in and did a small (about 5%) water change the day before and I'm worried that could have caused it. Additionally I switched from using seachem equilibrium to saltyshrimp shrimp mineral about a week ago for maintaining hardness. I use RO water.


I had one cherry shrimp kick the bucket this week but I believe it was just old.


This is a 20g community tank with 12 chili rasboras and a colony of red cherry shrimp (about 50-80 individuals)



Ammonia/Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: ~10

pH 7.0-7.2 right now, was higher the day before

GH: 5

KH: 2

TDS: 250


Other stuff:

I dose seachem flourish and iron/potassium/phosphorus about once per week each and have a couple almond leaves in the tank i swap out monthly.





Any information or advice would be appreciated. I'm pretty devastated right now.

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