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Co2 question


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I'm going to be receiving a bunch of CRS on Thursday to add to RCS heavy planted hi-tech 25 gallon tank. Tanks been up for years, ADA soil, Gh 5 Kh 1 temp 73.I dose pps pro and flourish alternating days TDS is 210 after 50% weekly water change and 260ish before water change. I may go to bi-weekly 25% if needed.  Ph monitored and calibrated 1 time per month 6.8 am to 6.1 pm giving me 20+ppm Co2 injected also O2 being added 24hrs a day. RCS breed and molt constantly. This is my 1st attempt at CRS and i have red they don't like co2 do to pitting exoskeleton, who could blame them? Anyway how much Co2 will they healthfully tolerate? I'd love to here from people who use Co2 and have CRS but any responce is appreciated  

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