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Co2 usage in shrimp tank

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CO2 is fine, as long as it's managed well.  I know some folks do DIY with yeast and all, I've never done that as I wouldn't know how to control it...  The key to using CO2 is keeping the level stable.  I have a CO2 controller.  I set the pH at 6.9 (which for my KH of 6 keeps it around 25 ppm or thereabouts.)  When the pH rises, the controller turns on the CO2 and pumps out enough for the pH to drop back down to 6.9 and then it shuts it off.  That way the pH and CO2 level is always stable, and I don't have to baby sit it.  Just calibrate the pH probe about once a month or so and make sure the CO2 tank is full.  The key to keeping livestock with CO2 is stability.  Drastic swings in it can kill. 


That being said, maybe someone with DIY CO2 experience can chime in with their experience.


A great place for CO2 equipment is www.co2art.com  They have the best prices!  And if you keep livestock, you need a "dual stage" regulator. There's a phenomenon called "End of Tank Dump" where when the tank gets low enough, it will dump the remainder of it's contents into the tank all at once and asphyxiate your livestock.  Just because a regulator has 2 gauges on it doesn't mean it's dual *stage*. 


That being said, now you're getting into high tech, and you'll need stronger lights to balance the extra CO2 or you'll get algae....   Yada yada yada yada....  We could have a discussion on high tech for an hour.


There are a lot of shrimp tanks that use moss for low light carpeting and low light plants like java fern, anubias and crypts that are very pretty. 


I enjoy my high tech tank.  But I keep some very pretty low tech one's as well.


Yeah, mosses make great low light, low CO2 carpeting plants, and there are several different kinds of them. Fissidens Fontanus stays low and it's very dark green...  

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