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Well, hello there!


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Hey all. I've posted a few times on this forum, but I just realized that I should probably drop a quick post here.


I live in a burb of St. Paul/Minneapolis in Minnesota. I've been in the fish biz for 20 years, and just recently caught the shrimp bug. I've been an African cichlids guy forever, but the general interest level in cichlids in MN has wained a bit in recently years, whereas shrimp keeping seems to be on the rise here. I run www.minnfish.com, if you are bored and want to check out another fish forum.


I have four shrimp tanks running at the moment, and I'll probably see if I can keep the inhabitants alive for a few months before I add more tanks. I have about 11 tanks dedicated to cichlids. There's no way in hell I'm adding more tanks, so if I want more shrimp tanks, I need to kill of some cichlid tanks. 


I have all neos right now (cherry, red rili, blue pearl, and yellows from @dazalea. They yellows are doing well. I did lose a couple the day after I added a TINY bit of bacter AE to the tank. Coincidence?). The red rili are the oldest/largest, and currently 5 females are berried. 


I have a journal post going, so if you spot an obvious error in shrimp keeping, yell at me, will ya? 



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