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Need advice on breeding snowballs


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Hi, so i bought 20 snowballs around three months ago, 10 of em died from the 5 day shipping as it was really cold outside, anyways, I think that the shrimps that are still alive are all female as they havent bred yet. There are around 6 huge females with the saddle, 2 medium sized ones with a saddle, and 2 that i cant tell if theyre female or male, if they were male they would of mated by now no?

I dont really wanna lose this colony because in my country you can only buy red cherry shrimp, and other species you need to order them from germany and that tends to be expensive af, shipping itself costs more than the 20 snowballs i ordered.

Im not feeding the shrimps because any food i put in the tank they dont eat much, they like the biofilm on moss more, i change water every 2 weeks for 30%, temp is 21 degree celsius ( i tried all temperatures...for 3 weeks i had 28 degrees, then i tried 25, water hardness is 140ppm, KH is 6, PH is 7.4 they molt regularly...dont know what could be the issue other than not having any males.

What if i get a few RCS, so they breed with the snowballs, yes i know they will have wild coloration offspring, what if i then breed the wild coloured ones with snowballs, would that get me atleast a few snowballs or would they keep making wild coloured ones?

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