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Where to put incoming shrimp?

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So@zodiac sent me about 20 shrimp that are waiting for me at home. (thanks again!) but I'm having a dilemma of where I should add them. Here are my current options:

20 gallon high heavily planted riparium with the following inhabitants:

Female betta

5 Flagfish


Pepper Cory

3 cherry barbs

BN Pleco

Assorted snails (assassin, MTS, Ramshorn)

I just escaped and put in a lot of moss and a piece of Cholla wood on top of the new manzanita and other stuff.

2.5g Jarrarium

Lots of moss and a few pieces of wood. Only 2 cherries (both female :(:(:()

Ramshorn snail family

The following aren't really options:

1 gallon Jarrarium

Heavily planted with 8 cherries and at least one of the females had lots of babies!

Ramshorn snails

.7 gallon snail Jarrarium

.4 gallon snail Jarrarium

Do I split them between the 20 and 2.5? Do I put them all in the 20? I'm just worried about my betta, (or flagfish) going rogue and taking out the shrimp.

Disclaimer: 7 of my cherries started in the 20 gallon and there was only one death. (less planted then). Inhabitants were the same minus the 4. juvie flagfish and the betta. So at least Betsy the flagfish wasn't a shrimp killer.

I appreciate your help!

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I don't think they would be safe in your 20 gallon... the other tanks are rather small for them. Can you put them in a large marina hang on breeder box hanging off the 20 gallon (with moss etc inside) even though it is a small sized box your shrimp will do fine because they are getting water from the main tank  - until you can setup and cycle a 10 gallon for them... that would be ideal

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