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Berried ghost shrimp

ginger guy

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I thought ghost shrimp could only get berried in a salty or alkaline environment but my tank parameters are no where even close to that they even have 6 danios and 3 mountain minnows I thought there would be too much stress anyways but somehow I have a berried ghost shrimp and I'm kind of fifty it's my first [emoji13]

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no,they breed in freshwater.

in the wild they go to brackish water just to release the larvae.

if you want to try to raise them that's what you have to reproduce.

you put her in a small tank before she releases and take her out right after....do some googleing on breeding ghost shrimp.

don't expect many of them to become babies.

if some do survive,you have to wait until they're big enough so the fish don't eat them before adding them to the main tank.



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