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Looking at OR units

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Ok so im thinking about getting an OR unit to put in my fish room 1st tho do I need just the RO or the RO/DI I want one that can make about 20-40 gallons a day so when im all set up all be good to go any one have suggestions on a good unit that's not going to kill my wallet. I want one I can set up on a day off from a garden holes and put it a way when im done. it will more then likely sit on top of my stand with a holding tank so I can remin the water and drip It in the tanks and it stay out of the way. and what is a good supplement/s to put in the water to get it rdy for the tanks for starters its will be just neo. plz any help will speed my fish room process TY Neal.

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i would still use ro water,but i have liquid rock coming out of my tap.:thumbsd:

even if you have perfect water and stays the same,hardness in the tank will go up over time.


for minerals,saltyshrimp gh/kh+ for neos.

get a TDS pen,makes mixing easier,no need to test gh each time.


been using a DI maker,so i can't help on a ro unit.

i'll be looking to buy one next month myself.




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that's fine for a TDS,but gh a lot more important.


did a search,people like the pure water club.

you can get a 50 GPD for $64 on ebay.



mmm,who is the OP?:P

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I created my own.  I have 7 more of these style https://www.amazon.com/filter-housing-reverse-osmosis-canister/dp/B004XQVKKQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1485274249&sr=8-2&keywords=ro+filter+housing  if you are interested in making your own.


the way I check my filter is by using a TDS meter.  I replace the filters in order of price, cheapest first.  DI is typically the first to go, so if you wanted you could add a valve to pull some water prior to going into the DI canister to see if your TDS has risen much.

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I have this: Aquatic Life RO Buddie 50 GPD Filter


It's worked really well. My tap water TDS is around 275, and the RO water this makes comes out at 8. Salty Shrimp gh/kh then gets it to what you want. 

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