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Baby shrimp growth rate?

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Quick backstory:


I had 3 Blue Dream neos in a tank about 10 days ago.  A berried female and two males.  The female had her eggs hatch, around 15-20.  Two days later, I came home to work to find a shrimp, dead, outside of the tank.  I'm assuming it was spooked, as I checked the parameters and everything was fine.  Didn't see any hydra either.  Upon inspecting the tank, I noticed another shrimp was missing.  I looked outside of the tank, inside of the tank and could not find it.  It seemingly disappeared.  I was left with all the babies and one adult male.


Fast forward to today, I was sitting down checking out the tank and, to my surprise I found a newborn shrimp.  The other babies are around 3x the size of the shrimp I saw.  I was pretty surprised, as I'm not sure where it came from.  Is it possible that this shrimp was born at the same time as the others but is just growing very slowly?  

Thank you in advance,


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3 times the size sounds like you had 2 batches of babies, maybe another shrimp is a girl and was pregos and you didn't know?  Or maybe an egg that was discarded eventually hatched later?  With the right conditions its possible for them to hatch without being on the momma (there was a thread where this guy painstaking removed the eggs off of a dead female and eventually hatched them).


What concerns me is how your shrimp our getting out of the tank, never have i had a shrimp jump out of my tank!  Two dead adults in two days sounds concerning, maybe check your parameters (again) and maybe lower your water line.  Hopefully your fry survive to replenish your stock.

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On 3/4/2017 at 0:59 PM, trong said:

do you have a cat?


Hah, no.


I have lowered the water level in the tank.  Thankfully, I have had no more issues.  All of the babies have grown up and it won't be long before they're reproducing.  The tank is doing very well, atm.


Thank for for the responses.

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