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Green Jades


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Just wanted to start a conversation on green jades because I am interested in them as my next shrimp. 

The main questions regard the stability of the strain.
How true do they breed? Can I expect them to throw wild types?

What do lower colorations and high grade colorations look like?

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I bought some juvenile green jades from @Dahlyvh via our club's last auction. His photos look really consistently green, but as mine are getting to breeding size, they are a bit more varied. Some are yellow-ish, others are brown. A couple are really green with a nice stripe down the back. The best looking one is currently berried. So, it's possible that they just require some significant culling. Or maybe he was just selling off some culls. No judgment here, as you get what you get at auctions. 


Maybe @Dahlyvh can chime in on his experience with them. 

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My experience is that culling is needed with Green Jades.  I've bought from a  couple different lines locally here in MN and have had the same experience with both.  

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With my neos, it seems that just about all require some level of culling. But it seems to vary. I have red rilis that breed fairly true, but maybe 5% come out mostly clear. My yellows are proving to be the most challenging, but offspring are consistently yellow. 


But, the greens look to be fairly unstable. Of the 10 I got, I think maybe only 3 are really green. Two are berried, so I'll see if that percentage changes with the next generation. 

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I don't know anyone with a very stable strain of green jade.


Like with most sellers, they cull all the time but you won't see those culls on the pictures being advertised.


I've seen Green Jades give me only green color babies but as they grow up, they turn more brown than green.


Most neos require heavy culling.

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