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Choices for fish rack. 8 tanks

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I'm going to be setting up 8 10 gallon tanks and was wondering if there's anything wrong with my choice of shelf. I chose one with all steel as opposed to the particle board ones.




It can support 1000lb per shelf and I'm sure wont rust. The steel that the tanks are laying on are not flat, more like a web of steel rods. Will this nonflat surface cause damage to my tanks?

I know rimless tanks need flat surfaces so I'll be using rimmed Aqueon tanks.

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I think most people get them particle board version, then replace it with plywood. I would put plywood or some other rigid material on the wire grid, just to make sure the tank frames have even support. An even surface will put less stress on the frames. I have an all wire shelf from Seville Classics, and I use styrofoam insulation on each shelf. The shelves do bow, but using additional support should lessen the strain put on the tanks. It also helps to distribute the weight on the shelves.

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