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Ghost shrimp death?

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I have had ghost shrimp for almost a week and one already died... I cycled it and used some water from my older fish tank (1.5 years). My other shrimp was eating him in the morning, but I thought it was a molt. The shrimp "molt" was cloudy white and I couldn't find him so I figured he was dead. The temperature is at 70 degrees F. I got testing kit to test the water... any advice?

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There isn't really enough information in your post to get any meaningful tips or advice.

Since you've only had them for a week, it sounds like they might be experiencing transition shock, but it's hard to say without knowing anything about your water or the water they came from.

I think your question hasn't gotten much of a response because there's not much to go off of, here's some information you should try to provide (and if you don't know it, you should find out because it might explain the deaths and is pretty critical to keeping shrimp in general):

Age of tank: check

Cycled: check

How long have shrimp been in tank?: check

How did you acclimate them?







Temp: check ....heater or ambient?



Anything visually wrong with shrimp (parasites, bacterial infections)?
Any other stressors in the tank (fish)?


If possible, water parameters of place you got them? This might be the key in your situation.


Imported or bred in US?

The more information the better!

If you eventually get shrimp that are harder to keep, you'll basically have to be accountable for all of that since they can get quite finicky.

Hopefully we can get some help with your shrimp death (and prevent others!).

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how long has this tank been cycled?  just using water from a cycled tank does not mean this one is cycled. 

where did you get your shrimp?

how did you acclimate the shrimp?

what is your gh & kh?

what is your ph?

what is your ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels?

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