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Ph problem

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I have a 20 gallon aquarium that has housed shrimp in the past, I wanted to get OEBT and am aiming for a PH of around 7.0, However my tap water is hard with a PH of 8.0 and even after running it through My RO it still has a Ph of 8. I use Ph neutral regulator by seachem to bring it down to 7.6 I wanted to know if any one knew how to safely lower it further and maintain that pH when doing water changes.

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Hey! My tap water is 8.8....

I was told not to use a lot of the ph regulators because they add a lot of other things into the tank. 

I temporarily lowered it ALOT with almond leaves. The tannin lowered the ph. but this is TEMPORARY T_T


I had to switch to soil that lowered my ph to 7.2

I heard you can use a filter that is stocked with peat to lower ph, but then again that itself is not the best option available D:

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That's weird. Do you want to test some other soil? Maybe get alittle bit of other soil and test it in a container to see how low it can buffer before using it?


As the soils i've used pulled my pH down too much opposed to your problem; mine i had to think of ways to bring up the pH instead.

Both brought my pH to 5 -  5.5.

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