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Ph problem

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I have a 20 gallon aquarium that has housed shrimp in the past, I wanted to get OEBT and am aiming for a PH of around 7.0, However my tap water is hard with a PH of 8.0 and even after running it through My RO it still has a Ph of 8. I use Ph neutral regulator by seachem to bring it down to 7.6 I wanted to know if any one knew how to safely lower it further and maintain that pH when doing water changes.

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Something to keep in mind with RO is it will filter the water and contaminates but will not filter the gases.  This could be why its showing a PH of 8.  If you age the water by running an airstone and checking 24 hours later it should show a neutral ph of 7. I do this with great success and it always gets the ph down to what it should be when using RO.  Always a good idea to age the water for a shrimp tank.  I like to age it at least 3 days before using for tank water.  I would HIGHLY recommend staying away from those products.  Tried to use and they just dont work long term.  You may be good for a couple days but after that it just goes back up.  Then you add more and good for another couple days then back up again.  Next thing you know your tds is off the charts then you do a large water change(shrimp hate) to be back to square one.  

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