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Possible infection, slow collapse!


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About a month ago, I ordered some imported (yes, I know) TTs and golden bees to add to my blue diamond tank (neo parameters) after reading that TTs would likely handle the change and golden bees might be able to because they're less inbred than other cards.


I thought I might meet them halfway and lower the pH on my neos a bit to make acclimation a little easier so a week before they shrimp arrived, I threw some catapa leaves I bought on amazon into the tank. I also removed some limestone I had in the filter that I was using to harden my (soft) tap a little bit. Neither change really did much for the pH, it just lowered the gH and kH a little bit. 


When I received the shrimp, I had 1/2 DOAs for the GBs and a couple DOAs for the TTs. The GBs did not look good coming out of the bag: the TTs were swimming around while the GBs just sat there barely moving. More died once I started dripping, and by the next day, there was only one left. I moved everyone to the main tank after a 4 hour acclimation.


During that week, I started noticing TT deaths and by the next week, I realized that many of my adult neos had disappeared and something like 3/4 of the babies also disappeared. The population had otherwise been booming with dozens of babies always swimming around and my females busting out clutch after clutch. At that point, I removed the catapa in case it was causing the issue. I also started dosing 1mL/gal H2O2 once a day for 5 days in case it was a bacterial infection but I don't think it did anything.


I rarely find bodies because my cleanup crew is super effective but my population continues to dwindle and my remaining females don't berry very much. I have one female that's carrying what looks like 1/5 of her normal clutch size.

I don't really know where to go from here, any suggestions would be welcome.

I'm happy to answer further questions about the tank.

Temp: 77F (we're having a short heat spell, it's usually around 72F)

pH: ~7.5

Ammonia: 0

Nitrites: 0

Nitrates: 0-5ppm

gH: 3 (used to be 4-5)

kH: 3 (used to be 3-4)

TDS: 150 ppm

No copper


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2 hours ago, OMG Aquatics said:

GH is WAY too low.


Neos should have a GH of 6 - 10. 


Find a way to lower temps as well.


Good to know, I assumed the gH was tolerable but I think I'll invest in some Salty Shrimp. Do you think it's low enough to account for deaths? 

I agree about the temperatures, I really don't like how high it is right now. I'll figure out how to keep my room temp a bit lower.


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