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Lighting options for 10gal

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Ive got two newly set up 10gal shrimp tanks and am in need of a light for one of them. The only plants that will be in the tank are buce, anubias pinto, moss, and mini pelia but I want a light that brings out the colors of my shrimp. The other tank I have a usa satellite plus that I just had hanging around not being used. I'm looking at the finnex stingray but I've never had one and wondering what the preferred options amonst you guys are

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I have a finnex stingray clip-on and I find the light to be very cold, much too blue for my taste. I don't know if the normal stingray has the same spectral output.
I also have the Planted+, which I quite like.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I think I've got it narrowed down to either a usa satellite plus or the micmol aqua air 20w that DET has on the trade block. I like the sleekness of the micmol but I have a satellite plus on one tank and I know what to expect with it. I definitely want a ramp timer to keep from spooking my shrimp.  Whats funny is I have over 20 tanks running from 10gal up to 75gal with everything in between and thanks to beamswork  no light I have will cost anymore than  what iI'll end up paying for one lil 10gal shrimp tank light haha. Yup. They'll be spoiled for sure

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