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****SOLD****FOR SALE: Entire Set Up + Shrimp + Plants + Accessories LOCAL ONLY Loc. Orange County, California


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Tank has been sold, Thank you everyone for the support!


Hey everyone!


It's a sad/exciting time right now. I will be moving overseas and start my new shrimp adventures! however this means that this is the end of my CRS adventures here in the OC.I'm looking to sell my entire setup with all my shrimp/snails/food/accessories.


If you are interested please PM me, asking $450 O.B.O for everything. If interested in individual purchases please PM as well, will compile a list of things if I don't find anyone who wants everything. THANKS!


This tank has been my one and only shrimp tank, and has been given my undivided attention. Everything in the tank is in excellent, clean, functioning condition and was purchased new. No signs of algae anywhere in the tank, no harmful pest outbreaks, no disease outbreaks, and never had a large die off of shrimp. I am currently using Salty Shrimp GH+ and feeding a combination of sample foods as well as MK-breed cheeseburger. If you decide to purchase my tank, you will also receive everything else I have that is shrimp keeping related, such as : assorted shrimp foods, SS GH+ remineralizer, 3D extendable shrimp net, aquascaping tweezers, algae scraper, Indian Almond Leaves, etc.


P.S You can check out my other threads to see the progress of this tank with pics and videos!


Setup Details:
Mr. Aqua 12 Gallon Long (Low Iron glass) w/ Foam mat
Finnex Stingray 36 inch led Light 
Zoomed Nano 10 Canister filter w/SS mesh filter guard
Nano corner sponge filter with tetra 10 gallon air pump
Tank Details:
Fluval Shrimp Stratum
3 pieces of malaysian driftwood
2 borosilicate glass feeding dishes
Amazon sword
rotala nanjenshan
phoenix moss
java fern
salvia minima
and two other ones I don't know :\
3 Nerite Snails
70+ juvie CRS S-SSS
5+ Adult CRS S-SSS
P.S Currently there are 3 berried females, and I would not be surprised if there was close to 100 juvies in the tank.





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