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Male RCS with Yellow in Abdomen?


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You're probably going to have to get a better picture than those, I couldn't even tell where the shrimp was for a while. Try moving your camera/phone back? The java moss that's further in is in focus in these shots.

If it's actually a male, you could be looking at ellobiopsidae. It's a yellow/greenish parasite that lives around the swimmerets. 

If it's a female, you might have a common parasite known as "shrimplets".

Here's to hoping it's the latter!


Where did you get your shrimp?

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It looked somewhat like that, zodiac.

I'm 99% certain it was male, I've had berried females before and none looked like him. His whole abdomen was filled with a solid yellow color. It didn't look external. I got the shrimp from a LFS a few hours away. 

I sadly cannot get a better photo because the shrimp in question is dead, and has been eaten. Long story short, my betta has had shrimp in with him before by accident and he never bothered them. I was sure he'd leave this guy alone too. Well, I found out if he finds a dead shrimp, he will eat it. Wasn't expecting this shrimp to die but it did, and then Atlas had a snack... :blink:

I'll lookout for any other affected shrimp and try to get a better photo if/when I see them.

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