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B4 I add TWB I have a Ph?????


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It has been awhile since I posted.

I am getting ready to make my next purchace of Shrimp next month. I am going to go for some nice blue bolts.

I am trying to cross Aura Blues x Blue bolts to get some Blue Steels. if it Works I will do the same with Red Bolts.

However; my Ph is reading 4.7 Is this safe?

I had one amano Shrimp in this Aquarium That was extreamly blue But it died. I think it was from the lower Ph. My other tank with same Setup has a Ph of 5.2 all Shrimp are alive and well. About to have some berried Aura Blues.

I want to know if it will be ok to add Shrimp to a 4.7 Ph. Or should I try to raise it?

blue bolt.jpg

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Why is your PH so low?  What buffering substrate are you using?  How are you prepping your water for the tank?  TBH I would try and get them in the optimal range(6-6.4) ESPECIALLY if you plan on breeding them.  With that PH they may "survive" but my thinking is they will not "thrive" and breed.  

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I am using GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil. GlasGarten stats that the soil will buffer to 5.5-6.5 naturally.  

The water I am using is RO with SS GH+ 150 TDS, GH 6, KH ~1 


The weird Thing is I have the same amount of soil, plants, light, and Wood in both of my tanks.  Tank is 60l divided in the middle with plexyglass. I have 100g of willow moss in both tanks, 650g of Wood. 30X30X4cm soil. lights are Chihiros LED System Series C 251 with aprox. 1150 Lumens.

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