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Breeding rack ideally setup for freshwater shrimp but can also be used for small fish or as growout tanks for fry. 

I will not separate anything.  I also have a TON more supplies, extra filters, tubing, and even shipping supplies if you want to ship shrimp or fry to customers, all included in the price that is not listed below.

The rack is a beefy, one inch square steel MARS unit gutted and designed for my setup.  It includes the following:

Eight 10 gallon aquariums
One 50 gallon frag tank (48×18×13.5 tall)
One 20 gallon long

All tanks include HMF filtration run by a Jehmco LPH45 Linear Piston Air Compressor.  The compressor can handle another 8-10 ten gallon tanks or 4-5 more twenty gallon tanks. 

Three of the four shelves have LED lighting and the fourth, dual T5 bulbs. 

Also included is a Milwaukee MC120 PH controller. 


$400 - REDUCED $300.  Located East of Birmingham, AL approximately 20 miles.  Pickup only.   

Again...  I will overwhelm you with various shrimp supplies, shipping supplies, and even my remaining shrimp livestock (blue rili, yellow neo, orange sunkist), all included in the selling price.









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Plan a weekend!  Heck, we can go have a few drinks somewhere local and I can suggest local activities.  Plenty of outdoor activities nearby....  camping, indy, bike, nascar tracks...  concert venues, if you have a jeep, we can hit some trails....   ATL is not far either.  A lot of aquarium related trade shows over there.  I'm about 2 hours from ATL.

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Tax season!  Come on and up your game on your shrimp collection and breeding setup!!!  $300 is a killer deal!  It's completely plug and play, I have all supplies including new substrate that you need to get this rack running again.


I'm real close to stripping the rack down and using it as a shelf/storage rack in my garage.  So don't hestitate!!!

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2 hours ago, Frozen__waffles said:

Are there any aquarium groups on fb near you? I’m near Houston and there’s lots of aquarium hobbyist groups. You could probably post to both Birmingham and Atl since you’re so close. There’s gotta be someone interested!



I moved to Birmingham 7 years ago...  no one here understands a fair market price.  All they offer is the amount they can afford (50, 100, etc).  And not many are hardcore hobbyist and have never seen the type of filtration I have with this setup.


In other words, I believe I moved to the Mecca of Betta and goldfish owners. Lol


I've posted on FB but it only allowed me to renew my post 5 times.  I need to make another one.  Just been busy!

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