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Hello everyone... Unfortunately I do not have a picture to show but I will explain it the best I can!

I have cherry shrimps in a 10g (like 10shrimp). They have been healthy and breeding for a long time and the water parameters are pretty consistant. High KH and GH (hard water) like they want. My KH is like 4-5 and my GH 10-11 which they love these parameters. Temp can be alil lower, however its still fine (78*F)


I've had a ton of successful shrimp molts  and I see their exoskeletons on the ground... However, today I look in my tank and see 1 shrimp laying down on its side like its dead however its still alive and in great coloration still. It had like half-way molting issue or something??? Its head part was stuck on him and maybe he was stuck inside the bottom half of his skeleton or something? He just layed down on his side until eventually will twitch to maybe try and get out?


Is this how they usually molt and I just have to let him fight it out or is he really struggling and may possibly die? Brings to me ask: how long usually does it take for a shrimp to molt? Whats the whole process really?

Let me know any information you guys can give! Thanks!

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On 10/15/2017 at 8:04 AM, ClownPlanted said:

That GH is a bit on the high end.  I would get it between 6-8 to be on the safe side.  They can have molting issues with too low or too high GH.  


Ok great info, thank you!

I will make sure to drop GH to 8 and keep KH 4-5.

I did also notice when I had my GH at like 10, my pH was about 7.8-8.0 which I definitely did not want!!!

I dropped my GH to 8 and now my pH is more suitable at 7.6 :]

I think everybody is complete happy again! Thank you.

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15 hours ago, zodiac said:

in hard water they can have a hard time getting the shell off and can die while trying.

it's 10 and above they have trouble.


a good molt happens in a split second,they just pop out.

it's rare to see one happen.


I keep rcs in 24gh, in one o my tanks, and they breed like rabbits.. :)

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