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DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale- Last Sale Before Winter!


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Hey ShrimpSpot!!


I am planning on selling limited packages of the following shrimp, if you have any questions please PM me. 


All shrimp I sell have been bred by me.


Taiwan Bees

Blue Bolt - Low - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $7.00

Orange/Red Bolt - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $8.00

Wine Red - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $11.00






Pintos (All German Lineage)

Red Spotted Head - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $20.00

Red Zebra - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $22.00

Black Spotted Head - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $16.00

Black Zebra - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $18.00

Black/Red Random Patterns - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $12.00

Pinto Mischlings (Look like Orange/Red/Blue Bolts) - Juvenile/Pattern Varies - $10.00







Shipping -      USPS Priority - $12.00 | USPS Express - $40.00 

(Heatpacks/Coldpacks additional $2.00)         

DOA Claim will only be valid if the following conditions are met-

  1. Must physically receive shrimp within two hours of delivery confirmation.
  2. Within the two hours of delivery confirmation send a clear digital picture of dead shrimp inside the untampered LongLife bag next to my shipping label.
  3. Must receive package on first delivery attempt.

*Shipping price is non-refundable

**I only ship within the Continental US

***I am not responsible for USPS delays and/or mishandling


Reorder Incentive - If you have purchased shrimp from me before you are eligible for my reorder incentive.

1) The incentive is up to 10% off

2) The number of times you have reordered shrimp from me the more you save!

3) When ordering shrimp from me you must tell me you are a "repeat customer", otherwise incentive is void

Ex. If you have purchased shrimp from me four times, you receive a 4% discount on your shrimp

*Note- This discount applies to the total shrimp price, not including shipping or heat/cold packs

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