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Need help setting up my first tank (tds,Gh,kh)

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Hello  everyone 

im setting up a new 5.5 gallon shrimp exclusive tank for some kind of shrimps. It’s been cycling about 2 weeks with a few snails I took from my fluval 5 gal planted community tank (20+ Cherry red or some kind of red shrimp ,3 chili rasboras,3 ember tetras,2 salt and peppers). It’s been seeded from the sponge in the fluval.


The tds of my well water is 84-90 ppm, ph 7 ,gh-30 kh is 30-40 (tested ph,kh,gh with api test strips)

how can I raise my tds?

is my kh/gh good ?

im using fuval stratumand I’m gonna plant the tank.


iv been using Poland spring with conditioner in it and the tds-124 ph 6.4 gh- 30 kh-30-40 in my community tank. 

I got the tank from my uncle a few weeks ago it’s been set up for 2+years. 

Any sugestions for what I should add ,the tds of the tank is 124 with the kh and gh same as community tank ph is allittle differnt

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