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White Caridina questions


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How many white caridina are there? I know there is a white caridina in the crystal grouping. Is that the only one? And is PWL an actual thing or is it the same as any white crystal? Is there a white Taiwan bee? Where does a golden bee fall in all of this? Where do red bolts come from? Trying to adress all questions off the bat

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It’s either a white bee or a golden bee. It’s between a crystal and a Blue Bolt I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong.


From what I can find online there is a...



Snow White,

White Bee,

Golden Bee,

And White King Kong.


I’m rather new to the genetics of shrimp keeping but I thought Crystals and KKs are Taiwan Bees which would make all of the ones listed before a yes to your question.


I think Pure Line shrimp are just shrimp that have been continually bred with similar high grade mates and that hasn’t been bred with any michilings.





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I found this that looks like it’s saying that a Snow White is basically a very high grade PBL (CBS) and a Golden Bee is a very high grade PRL (CRS) again the page I am looking at is not entirely in English so I’m just going off of the charts.

Could somebody either confirm or deny this for me?


http:// https://issuu.com/crustanews/docs/hcc_ver_2_eee90b5fa4bee2/18?ff=true

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