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Tank temperature changes in winter


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Hey all, first post here, thanks for having me.

I have 3 tanks set up in the garage, 1 x 180L (300w heater), 1 x 80L (200W heater) and 1 x 60L (200W heater). All are kept at about 22'C normally.


I am in Canberra though, and it gets cold overnight in Winter. Last night the temp dropped to -2'C outside. The garage is not well insulated and obviously gets cold inside. It seems that all 3 tank's temperatures dropped to about 19'C overnight and are slowly coming back up to temp now. I would expect they will reach 22 by about midday. 


All the shrimp, guppies and plecos seem fine this morning. What I have read and watched online says that temperature changes for shrimp is no big deal, as long as the change is gradual. I would guess the temp fluctuates less than 1 degree an hour, maximum swing of about 4 - 5 degrees.


Can I get peoples thoughts and experiences on this topic, please?


**Edited to Add - Currently have Red Cherry Shrimp, Blue Rili NeoCaridina and Cycling a tank for 'Blue Tiger' Caridina *****



Raf in Canberra 


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Hi from Northern NSW.


It gets very cold here in winter also my solution is 2 heaters per tank, one at each end.  Putting a cover/lid on your tanks also helps.


You could also insulate your tank from the outside with styrofoam.



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Yeh, I think the two heater option is probably the way to go. Also considered getting an old oil heater in the garage just to take the edge off. Depends on what the people here agree is a problem.

Nick, do you still get fluctuations and have you noticed a consequence?


FlipAquatics on youtube seems has a fairly strong position that temp fluctuations of a few degrees are not an issue, he seems more concerned with heaters changing the temperature too rapidly than he does with temp swings overnight. 

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Nick, do you still get fluctuations and have you noticed a consequence?

No fluctuations even at 3 am in the middle of winter when its minus 2 deg c.


Place your heater near the inlet or outlet to your filter.




In my 2 foot tank I have 2 Aquael Easy heaters ( 75 watt )

My 6 foot tank has 2 JAGER heaters ( 300W )

My 20l Cube has 1 Aquael  Easy heater ( 25 w )

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