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Taiwan bees: (Check) What next?


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I have several different types of tanks,


CRS (+20)

CBS (+20)

BB (+10)

WRKK (+20)


Black Galaxy Pinto (only 2 shrimp)


I am satisfied with my Taiwan Bee collection and just waiting for them to start breeding.


I need to place another order and I would like them to be Tiger or Pinto and need some outside opinions if possible.


I am looking to crossbreed my KKs/Crystals to hopefully end up with some unique Tibee/TaiTibee’s.


I just don’t know where to start, if I should purchase either some...


Tangerine Tigers

Black Belly Pintos

Black Zebra Pintos

Red Belly Pintos

Black Zebra Pintos


Can anyone help me understand what the end result would be if I was to cross my TB x Tangerine Tigers, and also if I was to cross the TB x Pinto?


I understand that nobody can tell me what I am going to get for sure, I just want to understand more about what happens when I mix TB with Tigers/Pintos... do I need to worry about the offspring reverting to lesser grades or eventually producing wilds? 4a9d8be799771cabf105272224f55fd1.jpg74455353b5874158d966f6bd8436b69b.jpg7c36cd0a6dec0b5b172d6380860e2b03.jpg



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TBxTT= Tangtai which will give you the potential for steelheads and fishbones.

TBxPinto= Pinto and TB with pinto genes (taitibee)

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