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weird observation

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Hi there..

Well , i keep lot of tanks...

Before 3-4 monhts i made 3 new tanks and i put crs in there, i want to get taiwan on those tanks.

Now they have crs in there.

I keep diferents temps in those tanks , just for experiments...

In one i dont use a heater, in the winter the lower it get 12c and now temp is 19c, there are 3 shrimps , 2 females and one male, i put them as a cull tank, they are transparent.

The second tank 22c there are cbs , about 20 shrimps

And the third 24c , its about 70shrimps

All my crs stoped in the winter, no baried...

And today i saw baried in the no heated tank...

All tanks are the same, same filters, substrate ,food, light....

How can this posible... ?


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