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Anyone from Europe wanting to buy Shrimp?


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I have some 

Multistripe Pintos

AuraTi Mischlings

Red bolts

Blue bolts

Shadow Pandas

Aura Blue's 


I will post Pictures upon request

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Pictures in order are 

Shadow Mosura

Blue bolt

Red multistripe pinto

Aura Blue Mischling F1


Aura Blue 


Here is the post I placed on a German Shrimp form.

As of April 11, 2018, I have six types of shrimp for sale.

15 Caridina Serrata “Aura Blue” @ €7.00 each

6 Caridina sp. “AuraTi Mischling” Aura Blue x Blue & Red Bolt @ €6.00 each

8 Red Caridina sp. “Multi-stripe Pinto” @ €5.00 each

6 Caridina sp. “Red Bolt” @ €3.00 each

4 Caridina sp. “Blue Bolt” @ €3.00 each

3 Caridina sp. “Shadow Panda” @ €3.00 each

These are all the shrimp I have for sale. I will mix shrimp together if you would like to buy more than one type. If any shrimp are dead on arrival I will not be able to replace any except for the Aura Blue. Because I am crossbreeding (Pinto’s, Panda’s, Blue and Red Bolts). Therefore; my supply of those shrimp is low.

I will also give a free sample of my Homemade 100% Organic Shrimp food, and a plant sample of your choice.

·         Vesiculari ferriei “Weeping moss”

·         Taxiphyllum sp. “Flame moss”

·         Monosolenium tenerum “Pellia”

·         Rotala Wallichii “Whorly Rotala”

·         Ammania sp. “Bonsai”

Shipping is not included in price of shrimp. Shipping will be made using DHL.

Standard shipping is €6.99

For Express shipping please let me know of your interest. As well for shipping outside of Germany.

Shippment of shrimp will be in a Styrofoam container with an optional heat package.

I except paypal, and bank transfer.

Temp - 22*c

TDS – 153 ppm

pH 5.5-5.8

GH 6-8

KH 0-1

Please send message for questions and purchase. Pictures are in order to the list above.

Kind regards,


DSC_0949 (2).JPG

DSC_0950 (2).JPG

DSC_0945 (2).JPG

DSC_0947 (2).JPG

DSC_0948 (2).JPG

DSC_0932 (2).JPG

DSC_0912 (5).JPG

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