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TT x TB (crossbreeding question)

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So I have some beautiful Blue Bolt SS grades, as well as BKK Stripes & Pandas, Wine Red KK, and of course CRS/CBS.

I also have only 2 Galaxy Pintos, a male and a female.


I bought some Tangerine Tigers because I haven’t been able to find OEBT (not sure if that means Blue or Black Tigers).

The TTs seem pretty generic have very little black stripes that do not cover much of the body.


Since reviving my Galaxy Pintos I’ve been very much obsessed with the different patterns of Taibees and Taitibees and very eager to get my hands on some.


Will I be able to breed my TTs with any of the current TBs I already own to hopefully make some nice Taibees?


Am I correct to think that it will probably take a few generations to get positive results, or might I see small changes along the way?






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Disclaimer: I've never crossed TTs with TBs.

F1 will be a big bucket of bleh, lots of strange messy patterns with a decent amount of TT showing through. After that, just keep crossing back to the TB line and selecting for cool shrimp. You'll probably start to get more consistently interesting colors and patterns around F3-F4.


Check out Mayphly's journal on his aura x tb crosses (I think that's what it was), that's essentially what you're trying to do.

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These came out of my CBS tank born a +1 month ago at least.

(Images Below)

For their offspring to increase in quality, do I need to breed them with the same Filial (think I said that correct) as in breed them together with siblings and parent...? Or can I breed them with anything like Blue Bolts or KK?


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It depends on what your goal is. Breeding to TB would create taitibee/pintos (spotted head, belly, and zebra). Breeding back to cbs/siblings would give you more tibee with more coloration and less orange/yellowish tinge. Over many generations creating Fancy Tigers.

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