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3mth old cherry shrimp looks weird


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Hi, i had this 3mth old cherry shrimp that i had kept since its birth. So on thurs (26/4), i did a 20% water change for the tank and i saw it molting just as i am starting to do the water change. It successfully molted and everything with it looks good. Then 2 days later it look weird. Part of its body had a different color to it. Will attach a pic of it below. It is still very active and eating well. Is there smthing wrong with it? 

2018-04-30 21.26.07.jpg

Water parameter is as follows

Ph 6.8

Tds 213

Gh 6

Kh 1

Ammonia n nitrite 0

Nitrate 10


Also if any1 could tell me what is the gender of this orange shrimp?


2018-04-30 21.45.59.jpg

2018-04-30 21.46.27.jpg

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Orange Shrimp looks Female to me, although the pic makes it kind of hard to tell for sure.  Look for a large dinner plate-shaped scale after the abdomen.  It would be the #2 abdominal somite in the attached chart.  Right where the arrow is pointing in the attached pic.  

Is the cherry shrimp milky looking through the middle?  If so that is sometimes a sign of muscular degeneration.  Any chance you can get a clearer pic?  Toss some food near the glass and try to get a pic that way.  



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Sorry been a bit busy palst week. So looks like i have all females in my tank. I had 2 females that had being saddled for weeks and yesterday they molted but no berried females at all.....


The weird looking cherry is still active n eating well. It is not turning milky. It seems tat the inside of it at that particular place had turned white. It is quite small and my phone camera could not focus on it very well. I did some research and it looks like it is the super white parasite (okayama disease) not sure if i spelt it right and there is no cure for it? Any1 has any idea?

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