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Low pH (6.0) and buffering substrate

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Hey all!  Setting some shrimp tanks up in the new home finally!


Well water is 6.0 pH out of the tap, 0 Nitrates, and about 100 TDS.

I have a 16gal UNS cube setup using Fluvial Stratum, its currently housing guppies/endlers/ottos/loach/pleco/neons and some RCS that are already multiplying.


Any concerns w/ the lower pH?  I figured the guppies weren't dying in the lower pH, tried some Celestial Pearl Danios and they didn't last 48hrs


Since I've already setup the tank w/ the Stratum, maybe a small bag of aragonite/coral stones to bring the pH up to the 6.5 realm I'm thinking. 




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I Keep otto's, Tawian bees, and Aura Blue Shrimp in a pH of 5.5-5.7. You should be fine with what you have unless your RCS are Red Cherry Shrimp which is Neocaridina. Who require a higher pH and what not. I am not familiar with Neo's only Caridina.

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Yeah, they're Red Cherry Shrimp.  They've already bred and the shrimplets are growing like weeds!  Started w/ 3, now there are about 20.  Guess I just need to be a bit more cautious with my stocking as far as fish go.

Dang those CPD's were nice though!  Now I'm gonna have to setup another tank.... #youknowwhatimtalkinabout!


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Your water is way to soft for live bearers, They need hard water or they will get sick.

What sort of loach is it? These usually need to be kept in groups.

Guppies and Endlers will cross breed, Make for some cool fish?

I also think the tank is too small for a pleco.

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NichAus, I hear you, read the same, expected the guppies to potentially fall apart, but they're doing really well now for a few months.  Only males.

You're right on the Loach, its a Sergeant Major loach, but it and the Pleco are bro's for sure.  The loach is always up on the pleco and they just chill together.  You can see the pleco in the pic, he's small.  When he gets too big, he goes in the 75gal Cichlid tank and Sarge will get a new friend.


The CPD's didn't like the soft water for sure....


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Sarge will get a new friend.

Sarege needs at least 4 or 5 more friends,

What sort of substrate do you have? These guys prefer sand and are great diggers.

Maximum size: 8 inches (20cm).


These are my Clown Loaches,  I am doing a water change and they want to be fed


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