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Dwarf Baby Tears


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OK, I am a total rookie with lighting and CO2 for plants, but....




I want to do this aquascape with a twist or two of my own in a 30 gal regular tank. I have the wood, rocks, sand. I want to either get a co2 or make one, but I don't know how much lighting to use for this. I would also like to have some Ludwigia to add some color to it. The Dwarf Baby Tears will be all over it and I don't want to kill it.  lol


So.....all you plant/lighting guru's tell me what I might need to make this grow and flourish. This tank is going in my living room and will be visible from almost every angle in my house, so I want it to look awesome and stay that way. So help. 



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You will need a very fertile sub and about 2wpg to grow HC also lots and lots of ei ferts.

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