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My Shrimp and Bumblebee Goby tank


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Its not brackish, Bumble Bees are fine in fresh water and  these were bred in fresh water.


Did you know Bumblebee Gobys also live in peat swamps with highly-stained, tea-coloured water, very low acidity, minimal conductivity, and negligible hardness?




I was thinking the 20l with 4"-6" of water, sand, and piles of half flowerpots with lazy gobies laying on them.  

IMO 20 l is too small for Gobys, There are plastic tubes ( shrimp tubes ) instead of pots hidden in the plants.



Not what I was expecting.  

I get that a lot with my tanks.


This is my 100 gallon 6 foot long 2 foot tall Betta sorority tank , It has 5 betta females, 1 Bn pleco about 300 Red Cherry Shrimp, 3 Mystery snails and a bunch of assorted colour Rams horn snails in it.








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Interesting on the bumblebee gobies. I was always told they like brackish. 

I know in my teen years I had some other sort of goby ~4" long. Didn't seem to do anything at all but the feeder guppies kept vanishing. Then I looked into the tank once at night and found they are very active at night. I like their lazy attitude.


I ran a male and female betta 60gal for a while until an infection nuked it. 2 big HOBs to keep it clean.

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I have Endlers just so I can feed the Gobys new born fry. I also hatch brine shrimp and let them grow for a week or so before feeding.


I also feed them uncooked ocean prawns ( shrimp) and tiny bits of fish.


I love Bettas, here's one of my boys.




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