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New Cobalt Egg Tumbler works great, still one problem.

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So I got the Cobalt Aquatics Egg Rocker 55 mm Tumbler because the original one I had was a piece of blank and after many attempts it always ended up the same way... with the shrimp eggs slipping through the holes or cracks and disappearing or molding.


This one works amazingly and the best part is that it has an enclosed bottom so no eggs slipping away or getting stuck! Not to mention the fact that you can fill it with water, stand it up on its legs outside the tank, and put the eggs in all without spilling a drop.


Cobalt Aquatics Egg Rocker 55, mini egg tumbler https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I9LYBR4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_A8bcBb012XMSZ


So now that I've explained that it works great I can move onto my problem...


I've got 16 eggs in the tumbler which are literally tumbling and nicely at that. But I put the eggs in 3-4 days ago and today they look like they are turning white, I cannot tell if perhaps what I am looking at is the mucus from the parent shrimp that holds the eggs in place or what. I am hopeful that since there is a steady flow of water that the eggs might not be subject to the minimum amounts ammonia that the mucus would be putting off and hopefully they will be fine.



Anyone that has had to incubate shrimp eggs before please reply, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had trouble with the eggs not being completely clean when doing this.



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This is not good ... look the eggs hits the glass...

I use very simple and cheap method.

I use a net , put some aquarium filter Foam Cotton and inside this the eggs.

I drop water above the net with airfilter and thats it... :)

I have 100% of the eggs.

Like this one



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Today I took all the eggs out of the tumbler. Using a knife and tweezers, I pulled apart the clumps that had the white fuzz growing. It looks like the eggs on the outside and the eggs that had managed to break away from the clumps are the right color (they aren't old enough to be able to see eyes or anything else inside the eggs). Anything inside the clumps don't show any sign of life, and in fact I can't really find the egg casings. So, those seem to be a loss.


But, the ones I pulled away might still be viable. 13 are now back in the tumbler with the valve turned down to just push around the eggs, but not knock them around in circles or against the walls of the tumbler.


Time will tell if there are survivors!

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