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Cherry Shrimp with Ghosts?

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I have a 2.5 gallon tank and both of my ghost shrimp are doing very well, but I was wondering if I could keep a cherry shrimp with them?

I heard they're much smaller than ghosts but I don't want to crowd them and I'm worried one of the ghosts would attack the cherry shrimp.


Also apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, this one seemed the most fitting.


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I too started with ghost shrimp when I started in the hobby over a year ago, and moved to neocaridinas (cherry, Orange, yellows) and then to caridinas (TB, Pintos, Taibees) it wasn’t difficult at all. 


I am positive that that you will love cherry shrimp compared to the ghost shrimp, you might not notice it now but ghost shrimp produce a lot of waste. 


You shoudnt have any trouble adding neos to your current tank. It really depends on your parameters, although cherry shrimp are very resilient... you don’t need exact parameters just keep your ph about right and you tank completely cycled so that no NH4 or NO2

Any questions you can’t get a reply to don’t hesistate to PM me. 


Good luck. 

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All the Ghost shrimp I have known were jerks. 



In my 5 gal space bowl experiment 10 Ghosts became 3 very quickly, then 2 then 1. So now I use yellow Neos and they work great now that the ghost problem is gone. This youtube footage shows Ghosts being jerks.

I expect your cherrys would become Ghost chow pretty quick. I have had ammanos eat neos. For a mixed tank I'd stick with neos and cards (maybe something else would work and the experts here will list it)

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