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2 pregnant Amano shrimp

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Hi folks,


I got lucky (actually both male shrimps got lucky), and 2 of my Amano shrimps are full of eggs. I had a glass container 4 liters in size and put both of them in there with an air stone, duckweed, and some java moss. I'm wondering if they will both lay their eggs in the same container? Or do they need seperate ones? What should I feed these guys?


Any other things I should do for these guys ?


Should I put salt water in the one container and wait for the eggs?


I keep looking at the shrimp and it looks like they might be eating some eggs..?




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Amano shrimp shrimp aren’t going to be as simple as your every day neocaridina, they require brackish water and go through a larva stage which I myself have found pretty tedious to tend to. 


Hope this helps...

The Amano Shrimp’s Reproduction

Breeding Amano shrimp is a bit difficult since raising the fry require brackish water conditions (i.e.: saltwater) Later on the fry will require slow changing to freshwater from brackish water condition as they mature to adulthood. There are some cases however where the Amano shrimp has been reported to breed and raise its larvae all the way up to maturity in hard water though this is very rare.

After mating, the female Amano shrimp glues and carry the developing eggs under her swimettes for about 5 weeks until they hatch. You can either transfer her to a breeding container with similar water conditions or wait until the eggs hatch and here you can use light to bring them to the water surface and then you can siphon them out. After the Amano shrimp larvae separation, you will have 5 -8 days to transfer them to saltwater. It’s however advisable to introduce them immediately into brackish water.



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