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Let me show you my algae

Crackhead Johny

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After 5-7 years trying to grow it it just blew up during the last year.

First there was one Don King tuft and I was worried the snails would eat it. then after 2 years there were 2. it seemed to grow ~1/2" per year.


This year it exploded and I have it everywhere. Not sure if good?

the second pic shows how they start as tufts.

It has now spread to my ecocomplete. I may get the furry plant tank without killing any more dwarf hair grass,


So as I'm loving this stuff.  ..  .. Have I made a bad life choice?


Yes. I know I have to move my Buce to another tank. I also know I have to figure out what to do with my quart of fissidens now that the algae seems to own all the drift in the tank it was planned for.




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So you are intentionally growing this stuff? What is it exactly? Looks like a mix green filamentous and BGA. Hard to tell, pic is kind of blurry.


I could use a few golf balls worth of fissidens in my 'forest' tanks. Is it fissidens fontanus by chance and are you looking to sell any of it?

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Is it fissidens fontanus by chance and are you looking to sell any of it?


That it is but I'm not interested in selling I'm afraid (no idea how putting live things in the mail works). I'm also trying to cure it of hair algae.


I have no idea what the algae over those logs is, it was VERY slow growing for 3 years. It seems to have denser areas in it that are not quite stems. Snails crawl on it but do not seem to eat it.


The snails get scraped and thrown in the puffer tank.

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No worries. For future reference, shipping mosses/fissidens isn't a big deal. I've shipped mine in those little lidded sauce cups with just a splash of distilled water to keep them slightly damp. There's not a need to keep them soaked like stem plants. Even if moss dries out some, it'll usually bounce back.


For ridding it of hair algae, I place a chunk of moss in the same sauce cups, fill with fresh water and add a drop of Excel. You can use any container you want, just add a bit more Excel if it's larger. Swish it around for five minutes, then drain water. Let them sit for 12-24 hours in a window sill, then add water back to it and keep in window sill or low light for a week or so. Most, if not all of the hair algae will be destroyed during this process. 

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Tell you what, PM me your address and I will try sending you some to see if it lives. 
Keep in mind that it is not clean. There is some xmas/java/something else that looks like java, in there as well as some subwassertang. I'll try to clean it up but you may end up growing some other things too.

UPDATE: OK setback. leaving the fissidens  in a glass container in the living room for months to starve out the hair algae may have done bad things to the fissidens, So I have dumped it in as small tank to see if it comes back. 


And during an aggressive water add, I knocked some of the algae loose and you can see the discoloration on the drift wood where it's single connection was leaching something out of it. While in the pic it looks like a coating each round part connects to the wood at a single point.

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