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Masapi shrimp... Change color?


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Hello everyone, finilly I write too.

For almost a year I have been lucky enough to have beautiful Masapi Shrimp  More and more times, I compared my specimens with pictures of the web, and I wondered why mine were not so dark. I started to make a selection, but even the darker ones after a few days came back transparent, except for the beautiful white stripes above and the dark ones below. Today I saw an amazing thing: I have a pregnant Masapi in a bathtub that is because I had to help in the ventilation of newborns and I noticed that every time the caridina noticed my presence, in the absence of hiding places it blocked and changed those very slowly, up to go from transparent to black. Now I ask myself, can any of you confirm my theory? Others have found this thing?
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I'm not familiar with that particular species of caridina, but I have found that when my Taiwan bees are stressed in any way that they will usually show darker colors for a few days. If you want them to stay darker, I would try a darker substrate in your tanks if you aren't already using one.

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