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Hi there.

Did anyone use water softener before ro ?

Is it safe ?

I have a problem here, my tds after ro is 50ppm, hard water here( 500tds , its about 24gh)

For crs tibee, i use di , after ro  and get tds 15ppm

But di dont last a long and its not cheap... :)


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41 minutes ago, wyzazz said:

Yes, it is safe.  I use a softener before my RO water (around 500TDS) and get it down to 10 or so TDS after my RO Membrane, I can get it to 0 after DI.  I feel your pain my friend, my water is liquid rock!!!

Oh we have same water.

10 tds its very good for me. :)

I bored to change ro membranes.. .

I spent alot of water every week.

i will try this one before ro mebrane.


I have two barrles one for tibee with di water and one for neo 50tds.

This way i do litle economy on di .

But i need in the week about, 300liter.

How long it last ?


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3 minutes ago, wyzazz said:

My water softener isn't a little filter cartridge, it's an actual ion exchange unit.  It exchanges the hard water ions for salt, and recharges itself every X gallons.


This is the unit I have.  https://www.lowes.com/pd/Whirlpool-33-000-Grain-Water-Softener/3824563


Oh ok :)

You have a big one, thats for pools.

Do u think i can do any diferent wiht the lilte one?


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1 minute ago, wyzazz said:

Maybe, it certainly won"t hurt!

Οκ  i will try it and see if there is any diference.


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