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tibee - taiwan water


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What parameter are you keep taiwans?


What tds you get wiht salty shrimp mineral?

And what gh?

1 have 3 same tanks 100liters, same setups.

In one there are tibbe and taiwan,  i get them months ago, dont loose anyone.

They breed but i dont have babies...

I saw one baby  with  molting problem dead.

In the other tanks there are crs cbs , they breed like crazy and i have lot o babies, the survation of babies is very good.


My water is

128 tds ppm , it raised to 140 because of the fans.

Gh measure 5 (jbl)

kh 0 ( api)

ph 6.4 (api)

Mineral salty shrimp gh +

Substrate akadama




Also another tank, wiht hybrids, same water , same substrate, f1 taiwan x crs , taiwan x tangerine tigers babies grow fast....

Babies survive also is very good.


I think i try to lower the gh to 4 ...

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