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Hello, new to the forum and to shrimp. Long story short....my kids wanted fish. I killed a lot. Then being stubborn wanted to not kill them. Figured out how to not kill them. Fast forward 3 years. I can keep fish alive. Bought a couple shrimp from my local store. They were small and orange. I loved watching them scampering around eating stuff. Then they died and my kids stopped caring about the tank. So I said....what the heck. I am going to have a strictly shrimp tank. Started reading. Did more reading...and fell in love with the idea of a shrimp tank. Got rid of fish. Ended up ordering 16 prl shrimp. (After getting tank close to recommended parameters). They are happy, active and berried. So I figure I am half way educated on keeping them alive. Looking forward to driving you all nuts with all my questions and ocd approach to this hobby. 

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