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Can you mix Royal Blue Tiger OE With Black Tiger OE?

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I replied to you via PM, but I'll put the same info here for others.  OERBT/BTOE/OEBT are all the same shrimp essentially, they are just different grades or variants.  My Royal Blue (OERBT) colony occasionally produces BTOE, OEBT or even Blonde Tigers.  I cull these out into their own tanks to keep these shrimp breeding true.  You won't get any wild variations by mixing the two.  BTOE are really just a darker version of Royal Blues.  Attached is a chart that Ryan Curtis made up, that should help with grading/color variations of Blue Tigers.  


Hopefully this helps!  



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18 minutes ago, thenamespo said:

So according to that chart what’s considered high grade etc


It really depends on what each individual is looking for but...   ...typically solid coloration on Royal Blues or Blacks (even the legs) are higher quality.  Royals and Blacks tend to be more expensive or considered higher grade than OEBT or Blondes.  I really like the rusty ones and have been trying to separate them out to get them to breed truer, but those aren't typically super desirable.  

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That’s what I assumed, when I see breeders sell OEBTs they have different ones. Some have really visible stripes, whereas others are just dark blue really close to black and they tend to cull out the rust looking ones and others like yourself like the rust look so you try and breed them. It’s interesting to know, thanks!

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